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“Corporate Communications 2.0 and TUgether”

“Corporate Communications 2.0 and TUgether” – Summer School 2010, TU Braunschweig, Final Presentation

What do you think about “Corporate Communications”? Corporate communication is the communication issued by an organization to its public. It can be defined as the set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications, as my dictionary says.

Facing the Web 2.0, we think that there is a great transformation from classic websites, traditional PR and corporate content to something we call „Corporate Communications 2.0”. What does this transformation mean?

Last summer we talked to our international students about this transformation – towards the wisdom of crowds and a new “Age of Cooperation”. We looked at enterprises and universities. An we took our own university, our own institute and the students’ platform TUgether as an example:

Lectures, Part 1

2010-07-19 Introduction, Corporate Communications (Dr. Gerald Fricke)
2010-07-20 Open Innovation (Maximilian Witt)
2010-07-21 Web 2.0 Tools for Enterprises (Markus Weinmann)
2010-07-22 Customer E-Services (Patrick Helmholz)
2010-07-23 Brand Promoter 2.0 (Thomas Plennert)

Lectures, Part 2

2010-07-26 Knowledge Management (Alexander Perl, Stephan Berkhoff)
2010-07-27 Development of TUgether (Stefan Böhme, Jan Suwart)
2010-07-28 Re-Briefing: Tasks and Features for TUgehter (Teamwork)
2010-07-29 Social Media Monitoring, Part 1 (Hyunsup Ahn)
2010-07-30 Social Media Monitoring, Part 2 (Hyunsup Ahn)

2010-08-13 Final Presentation: New Widget for TUgether

Here are our presentations on Slideshare.

In the Age of Web 2.0 you have to listen, first. Then react. You have to trust the people, you have to think distributed and to be honest. The internet is a platform, as Jeff Jarvis writes in „What Would Google Do?”. A platform enables. It helps others to build value. Platforms help users creating products, businesses, communities, and networks of their own. If it’s open and collaborative, those users may in turn add value to the platforms.

So there are five major shifts in Corporate Communications, to my mind:

  • From Marketing Communications to Conversational Marketing
  • From Brand Management to Brand Wikification
  • From Public Relations to PR 2.0 and Social Media Marketing
  • From Corporate Ethics to Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0

Communications 2.0 is about consuming, producing and sharing. So we raised the question, how we could share our life at the University of Brunswick with our friends outside the campus and the enterprises. To answer this question, the students developed a concept for a new widget for TUgether, as you can see in the video: “What it takes”.

Thanks a lot!

Gerald Fricke


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