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Mini macht mobil…!

“Mobile Brand Strategies” – Vortrag Giacomo Grisanzio, 03.12.2010

Last Friday, Giacomo Grinsazio gave as a great lecture on mobile brand strategies. He took the campaign for the Mini Countryman in Italy as an example. Giacomo created with a little team (designer, project manager, developers) the website for this campaign plus iPhone-app.

In his talk, he gave us a fantastic insight in the whole process, from the first idea, to the wireframing, testing, fine tuning up to the final launch.

Mille grazie, Giacomo!


  1. As Gerald said: “Mille grazie, Giacomo!”

    A very nice lecture. I hope you enjoyed your days here in good old and cold Braunschweig and also the “Glühwein”! 🙂

    Von Patrick Helmholz am 6. Dezember 2010 um 14:24 Uhr
  2. Thank you so much, Giacomo!

  3. Hi Giacomo,yes it was so nice to have you here!

    The presentation was really great. Thank you

    Von Yvonne Gaedke am 6. Dezember 2010 um 16:57 Uhr
  4. It was great to share the experience with the students.
    Thanks you all for your hospitality!!

  5. Habe euch an dem Tag beim Weinachtsmarkt gesehen…

    Fand vorallem die Tipps für die StartUps ser hilfreich und interessant!

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