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Mehr als das, E-Ready sogar. Nächste Woche, 27. August, werden wir wieder zwei Festvorträge vom Allerfeinsten halten, und zwar bei unseren Freunden von der University of Nebraska (Omaha):

“Research on E-Readiness and Web Patterns”

Und hier der original Pressetext:

The presenters are from our partner university, TU Braunschweig (Technische Universität Braunschweig), located in Braunschweig, Germany, http://www.tu-braunschweig.de/wirueberuns). They will be presenting on research projects currently underway and in the works at their institute, with an eye to potential collaboration and ideas for future work. Please join us for an interactive presentation and discussion session.

One area of their research is in e-readiness. E-readiness is a key to social readiness and networking sustainability, and it defines the ability and willingness of people to use information systems and Web 2.0 [Yvonne Gaedke] http://www.ereadiness.net. Interesting research questions include:

  1. How can E-Readiness be explained and measured? (Acceptance theories, Motivation theories and other)
  2. How can E-Readiness be increased after having understood and explained the different types of E-Readiness?
  3. Does E-Readiness have an influence on the acceptance of using web 2.0 and/or information systems?

The second area of interest is web patterns. Web processes are often static and inflexible. Therefore both external and internal situations of people should be considered and resolved in order to guide them flexibly through websites http://www.situierung.com [Markus Weinmann]. Interesting questions in this area include:

  1. How can Web-Situations be observed? (User Modelling, Context Awareness, Dynamic Situations)
  2. How can Web-Situations be explained? (Psychology Theories, Emotion Regulation)
  3. How can Web-Situations be resolved? (Web Patterns)


  1. Wird es da auch wieder so lustige Selbstbeweihräucherungsvideos von dir geben? Ich würde mir das auf jeden Fall anschauen. Also hau rein.

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