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The Day of Freedom in Egypt

No doubt that 25 January demonstration has changed the political life in Egypt. It gave the people the chance to express themselves and their opinions after denial of 30 years listening only. The protests have gathered and still currently gathering force in Egypt by using phones and computers to organize and communicate with one another, and to report on what is happening.

Facebook, Twitter, many blogs and YouTube have played and still playing a very important role in this process. These are the instruments of choice for defying authority and giving voice to the individual. This demonstration has been organized through Facebook by “Egypt 25 Jan. community” which was made by the leader Israa A. an Egyptian Citizen. This Facebook group has invited all people to participate on 25 Jan. demonstration all over Egypt. Also many Facebook groups in Arabic and English have been established during this demonstration as Egypt First, Proud to be Egyptian, EGYPT, Youth in love of Egypt, etc. Beside many hundred videos have been uploaded via YouTube. People in Egypt communicate and share ideas and knowledge via these tools and the number of people have increased and still increase every day, so the government have felt the danger, so it has blocked internet service generally and Facebook and Twitter service particularly for some days all over Egypt. This indicates the importance and the vital role of these tools.

Furthermore, blogs also had a vital role for communicating and sharing, the most famous blogs the youth follow in Egypt are:



When we have a look to this demonstration, from my personal point of view, we can see that the demonstrators had some requests and the regime had promised to achieve it, the main two problems. Firstly, there is no trust between the regime and citizens, this because all over last 30 years, the regime promises and does not achieve anything for a democratic life and a good standard of living. Secondly, the demonstrators at Tahrir square are afraid of coming back at home and after that the regime arrest them and put them in the prisons, so they insist to stay at Tharir square untill the regime leaves. Also I think this demonstration has delayed.

I think the best solution is that President Mubarak leaves authority and reelection should give the people the chance to choose their new democratic regime.

Lastly, I hope that Egypt changes to the best and returns stronger than it was.

Thank you very much

Islam Elsayed Hussein


  1. Vielen Dank, Isi, wir hoffen alle das Beste für dein Heimatland!

    Von Silke Siegel am 8. Februar 2011 um 16:43 Uhr

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