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“Where is the mouse…?”

Yesterday, I talked about “Communications 2.0” in a new age of cooperation. With a little help from giants like Berthold Brecht (radio theory), Clay Shirky, Jimmy Wales or David Weinberger.

David Weinberger and the Cluetrain Manifesto (Elektrischer Reporter)

Jimmy Wales about Community Design (Elektrischer Reporter)

Social Media in Plain English (by Commoncraft.com)

Some facts about the Social Media Revolution (by Erik Qualman)

To my mind, Communications 2.0 is about Consuming, Producing and Sharing. So I raised the question, how we could share our life at the University of Brunswick with our friends outside the campus, on Facebook, for example. Clay Shirky sums this trias of Consuming, Producing and Sharing up in the metaphor “looking for the mouse”.

So, where is the mouse on TUgether… What do you think?

Gerald Fricke


  1. The Mouse
    There is no point of having social media with out being able interact with it.
    Some ways to add social media to TUgether and combine the web with real life

    Facebook Page (Fan Page or ‘Person Page’)
    Community news
    Contest Winners
    What’s in the Mensa
    Campus Events
    Suggestions for upcoming contests/events
    Current Events
    Big spending things at the University
    Sporting titles
    Pictures of random things on campus
    Posts on issues with different technical problems
    Campus closing
    Suggestions of other pages to look at

    Some people enjoy adding professors on Facebook as an additional way to communicate with them, while others like to keep their school and private life separate
    Need to find a balance between hierarchical model and having everything shared
    One way to incorporate Facebook with the university is to have posts only appear to specific groups and other privacy settings, but this can be complicated really fast

    Adding Connections with Facebook
    Liking specific posts
    Will tell you how many of your other friends like the post
    Comment moderation
    Can link comments from Blog to Facebook
    Recommend friends to like different pages on your site
    Single Sign on
    Facebook links into your website
    Activity feed
    Shows users what your friends are doing on your website
    Friend Pile
    Shows what friends have signed up for your site
    *Additional ideas available at http://developers.facebook.com/plugins

    Open Social
    Google Program
    Lets you integrate social networks
    *More information about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSocial

    Use of wiki’s
    Allow students to post places to visit on campus
    Professor reviews
    Things for international students to see
    Tips and trips!
    Would have to have basic information for students to expand upon

    Difficult to combine ‘web life’ with the real world
    It will take a while for people to slowly adjust to having the same behavior in both situations.

    Von Kristina am 28. Juli 2010 um 11:55 Uhr
  2. Sounds very, very good… We’ll keep on discussing your points. Thanks!

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